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Federal Premium / Speer

Chris Broomell

Witmer - Corporate
104 Indepedance Way
Coatesville, PA, 19320
Phone:  800-852-6088

Federal Premium / Speer

Kevin Shaffer

Witmer - Retail Location
2961 National Pike
Chalk Hill, PA, 15421

Factory Contact

Ira Eigen

Sr. LE Sales Specialist
Vista Outdoor/CCI-Speer-Federal Cartridge

Phone:  612-801-0372

Bio:   Ira Eigen has worked in the Shooting Sports Industry for over 30 years. He holds an A.A.S Degree from Bronx Community College and a B.A. in Business Administration from Hunter College in NYC. From 1975- 1985, Ira was Sales Manager and in charge of Inventory Control at Roskin Bros Hunting and Fishing Tackle Distributor in Middletown, NY; from 1985-1998 he was Vice President of Levin-Liston Associates in Albany, NY; he was the Law Enforcement General Manager for DayMark Corp in Albany, NY from 1998-2003; and has been with Vista Outdoor as the Northeast’s Senior Law Enforcement Specialist since 2003.


Johann Boden

PN: 763-567-0249

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