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Federal Premium / Speer / Remington

Ryan King

San Diego Police Equipment
8205 Ronson Road, Suite A
San Diego, CA, 92111
Phone:  (858) 974-8500
Fax:      (858) 974-8530

Factory Contact

Steve McGrory

Sr. LE Sales Specialist
The Kinetic Group/CCI-Speer-Federal Cartridge

Phone:  208-816-0000

Bio:   Stephen McGrory served in the United States Army as a Field Artillery Radar Operator, and is a veteran of "Operation Just Cause" with the 7th Infantry Division. He has worked with Law Enforcement for the last twenty-two years, representing manufacturers and distributors of ammunition, firearms, and related products. He conducted Wound Ballistic Workshops and assisted Law Enforcement Agencies with ammunition needs for seven years as an independent sales representative, marketing The Kinetic Group products. Presently, he is a Sr. Law Enforcement Specialist and been with the The Kinetic Group LE team for 12 years.


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